Grey2Green + GOP + New Programs!




SHARP is stirring up the community pot with new programs!  Soumyaa Kapil Behrens is a Strategic Media Specialist whose work focuses on geo-specific communities and communities engaged with the environment.  This blog launches her work for SHARP, integrating news, member programs, and strategic partnerships in the Sunset Heights area aimed at bolstering the impact SHARP has on the community and creating new ways for members to benefit from SHARP’s philanthropic mission.  Stay tuned for information on local news and views as well as details on SHARP’s exciting new small grants and free space initiatives.  Very exciting times for the Sunset Heights hamlet!



Carla Short, Urban Forester from the Department of Public Works explains the ins and outs of the new Grey2Green sidewalk program that encourages residents to erect small gardens in lieu of concrete in front of their homes and businesses.  The program helps trees that are already in place as well as provides a habitat for local birds and bees as well as putting water that normally goes down sewer drains to better use.  You can learn more about the Grey2Green program at



GOP Green


SHARP welcomed a diverse set of political representatives to July’s meeting as well.  Matt Shupe, newly minted Executive Director of the SF Republic Party, and Barry Hermanson, Green Party candidate for Congress.  This combo proved for interesting discussion as Shupe distanced himself from the larger, national GOP, hoping folks could find common ground in SF.  Hermanson took a more big picture approach, letting membership know why he still believed in the values of the Green Party and lauding the work of consumer advocate and Presidential candidate, Ralph Nader.

To learn more about the SF GOP:

To learn more about the Green Party Candidate Barry Hermanson:




6 thoughts on “Grey2Green + GOP + New Programs!

  1. Soumyaa…
    This SHARP COMMUNITY blog is goine to be a great asset for the Sunset Hts. Assoc. of Responsible People ( and also : for everyong in the area bounded by 19th Ave, Lincoln Way, 7th Ave/Laguna Honda Blvd…and Dewey/ Taraval…

    It is nice that we are helping folks to plug into the Republican party or the Green Party…if they want to. That shows, right from the start that the SHARP Community Blog is inclusive… All should feel free to post their “2 cents worth” about any topic that pertains to ALL of us in this area…

    SHARP and the greater Sunset Heights area is soon to be “well knit together”, thanks to this BLOG.

    jack barry
    SHARP Board member.

  2. My note to any and all who use this Community BLOG:

    I have known Soumyaa Kapil Behrens for about three years, having first met her at the former HANC Community Recycle Center… She was a “walk on” there, and conceived of and created their wonderful “Kezar Gardens” Blog”…. It is still “up” for anyone to see, as a sample of Soumyaa’s deft touch, and style… (She is the young woman in the top photo of the first edition of the SHARP Community BLOG.)

    SHARP brought her in, to see what we, SHARP, could do, to “knit our total community together, not just to massage the SHARP organization.. So, if Little League baseball, or orchid cultivation, or what you “groove on”, feel free to post in this BLOG about baseball, orchids, or whatever.
    jack barry

  3. SHARP previously hosted San Francisco Democratic Party leader Mary Jung, who did a great job detailing local Democratic efforts.

    If you are interested in volunteering for the San Francisco Democratic party’s voter registration or other efforts, please call 415 626 1161, or email The local Democratic party website is

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